Pony Petting

A perfect introduction to ponies and riding for children 2-6 years. 

Bring your little ones for a 45min session which includes a chance to:

  • Meet the ponies
  • Groom the ponies and making sure they are clean 
  • Put the saddle and bridle onto the ponies ready to ride
  • A short leadrein ride (led by parent)
  • Pony paints and sparkle
  • Say Thankyou and Goodbye to the Ponies

Parents must get involved and supervise their little one at all times 

Please dress in long trousers and wellies (Both parent and child)

Shorts/Skirts/Sandles/Croptops ARE NOT PERMITTED

£18 for a 45 min session on following dates/times

3.15pm 31st July 2024

3.15pm 21st and 29th August