Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. If you cancel your lesson /session ride with less than 24 hour's notice you will be charged a full price cancellation fee. Lessons cancelled with 24 hour's notice or more can be rearranged.
  2. Cancelling a lesson does not entitle you to a refund, refunds are strictly issued at Murton Equestrian Centre's discretion.
  3. If you cancel a lesson with more than 24 hour's notice, and we agree to a refund, there may be a cancellation fee applied to any online refund issued, to cover our transaction fees.
  4. All lessons / sessions booked may be rearranged online
  5. All lessons / sessions may be postponed in severe weather conditions and at the discretion of Murton Equestrian Centre and more than once if bad weather persists.
  6. Group bookings booked as 'courses' (including Take Back The Reins, BHS Stage 1 courses and any other courses)  are booked as a group of lessons/ sessions at a discounted rate and we do not offer refunds or rearrange individual lessons which make up the course. We may offer a credit for an individual session as part of a course in extenuating circumstances. 
  7. Bookings made online may be subject to change due to staff and horse availability, we reserve the right to change coaches for any lesson or session. On occasions we may need to contact you and adjust the time of your booking. We aim to make any changes within a two hour adjustment, either way, of the time which you have booked. 
  8. We accept payments through our online booking system or cash by appointment only
  9. You agree to be polite and courteous to all members of staff, volunteers, horses and other clients at Murton Equestrian Centre. All participants agree to follow the directions of their coach fully and work with our horses in a kind and thoughtful manner. The safety of both horses and participants is everyone's responsibility. The horses are our partners and we reserve the right to refuse riding or other sessions to anyone who we believe has mistreated our horses or employees. 
  10. Credit, Tokens and Vouchers have a strict 6 month or 182 days validity. It is your responsibility to ensure any credit, voucher or token is used before it expires.
  11. Activity courses such as Own a Pony Days and Own a Pony Weeks are non-refundable. 

EC Pro Payment and Refund Policy

All bookings must be made in advance and paid for in full at the time of booking to secure the session. Payment may be made by credit or debit card. You will pay a £1.00 booking fee and this is non refundable. The price you will pay will be displayed when you proceed to checkout not at the Basket.

Wow Design Solutions Limited trading as EC Pro is unable to issue refunds and will only issue customer account credit in accordance with the refund and cancellation policy of the Yard, School or Livery using the EC Pro system.

Customers may be able to access a refund by contacting the Yard, School or Livery directly and the Merchant of record for all transactions is Murton Equestrian Centre, and they shall be liable for all refunds and chargebacks. If you are not happy with the complaints procedure of your riding school/Livery Yard you can contact to take further action.